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        Using the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, This website has been built with accessibility in mind.  We aim to create a single engaging experience with consideration to diversity, however should you experience any issues please contact us and we will do our best to resolve this in a timely manner. 


        This website has been tested against the following browsers and devices:

        • Internet Explorer 10 - 11 & Edge
        • Chrome (Latest version)
        • Firefox (Latest version)
        • Android 4-5, Chrome (Latest version)
        • iOS 8-9 (Safari 8-9)

        It is also compatible with the following freely available screen readers:

        • NVDA (Windows)
        • VoiceOver (Mac & iOS)
        • Talkback (Android)

        The site will support screen magnifiers & braille devices.  It will also function correctly using mobile iOS and Android & Windows desktop accessibility features.
        Each page uses Cascading Style Sheets, which have been built in a responsive manner.  This prevents issues resulting from screen resizing or device orientation, but also means you can manipulate or disable them to read the website in a way that fits your needs.


        The site supports the ability to zoom, change font sizes and pinch zoom on mobile.  You can also fully customise your experience with your own custom style sheets.


        Pinching an area of the device with your two fingers then slowly moving them apart will activate the zoom gesture on most mobile devices.  Some devices will also have automatic zoom features to make the selection of navigation items easier.

        Default font sizes can be changed via the devices accessibility settings or browser settings.


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        #32-03 Hong Leong Building,
        Singapore, 048581

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